Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not Much Going On

Still knitting, although a lot more slowly than I had been. The purple cardigan is going well, but everything else has been put to the side for a minute. I bought yarn to finally jump on to the endpaper mitts wagon after seeing them in person and deciding that Yes! I did need a pair. I will be knitting them for my mom however. I found two new shops in Denver (new to me, not new to the world) and loved them both for different things. The first one is Posh - they were having a 40% off sale when we went in and we of course were unable to resist. I left with Classic Al from Elsebeth Lavold in black for my sister - the only color she's ever known to wear - as well as Louet Gems to make the Endpaper Mitts with - eggplant and aqua. The boy left with 8 balls of mohair which is quickly becoming his new obsession. I don't mind though, cause that's more lacy shrugs for me to wear! The second shop we checked out is Fancy Tiger which was really cute felt young yet cozy. We thought it was endearing that they had a craft night each week and will probably stop by when we're in Denver for the day. They also sell fabric, though I won't be needing any more fabric till after the apocalypse. They had a sample of pointy kitty on display, and I fell instantly in love. I had already wanted to make one, but after seeing it in person, rushed home to print out the pattern. ( GOOD STUFF! The baby will be here in about 2 weeks if he's on time, so don't expect too much more knitting news for a short while.

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