Sunday, June 01, 2008

Traveling Again

At the Airport
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We'll be headed back to Colorado within a week. Wish us luck so that we make it out of there safely again Real Soon! Fortunately, I have a trooper of a little man as my traveling companion.


Portofino Trim
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Portofino by Dolce Handknits. You can see the pattern here - I made this sweater twice actually - the first time it turned out extremely large, so I reknit it and Success! My first project with yarnovers not to mention the first thing in cotton that I knit that didn't look like a hoofed animal had knit it. I used Cascade Sierra, and love this project - even if my gauge made this knit take twice as long as it should have. I found my poor neglected Portofino sweater at my mom's house in a box of things I hastily left without last summer when my friend John and I took off at the very last second for a trip across the country. I have missed it so, and can't wait till I can fit into it again.