Monday, January 14, 2008


Okay, so my crafting post wasn't very detailed and I thought I'd fix that. The strawberry purse was made from a pattern found in Interweave's Knitscene from Spring 2007 issue. I used Lamb's Pride Worsted instead of the recommended Cascade 220 just cause I thought the color choices looked more "strawberry like". The pattern suggests that you use a different strand for each seed, but I of course didn't forsee weaving in all those ends as something I would ever do, so I did "stranded" knitting. This was the first color knitting I have tried. All my previous knitting was either solid or simply striped and I was amazed at how simple this was. The strands though have left me in DIRE need of lining. I have the material, (red gingham) just not the desire. For no good reason, I am dreading lining this thing. I know that once I do it, it will be quick, easy, and go well, but in my head, the prospect of it just seems like a horrible troll looming over me. (yes, I have issues).

As for the horse, the pattern V7760 by Vogue. (He stands about 11 inches high) The pattern was SUPER easy and I had this little guy all stuffed and ready to go within an hour. I love quick projects, and I love that this was not only quick, but also came out looking great. Plus, he was made from remnants of sale polyester fleece and he barely used the "required" amount since fleece is so super wide. Since the fleece was both on sale, AND remnanted, it cost less than 2.50 and I used fiber fill from my stash so this was a cheap project to boot!

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