Friday, May 01, 2009

We're Flattered!

Owen Knits
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Hi All,

Apparently, when I was busy getting the shop together, and ignoring this blog for that of the store, people have been coming here and checking us out. I feel ashamed that they've had nothing to read. If you're looking for info on our new shop, Kitschy Stitch, please go to You're welcome to still read this infrequently updated blog, as well, but there's actual information on the other site, and it's updated at least once a week. I had never changed my blog on ravelry, and hadn't realized that so many people would be interested in getting a peek into what we're up to! I just logged into flickr to upload pics of my new FO's and noticed that there were almost 200 views on our pics (the last time I looked it was at about 6) so we're honored that everyone is taking an interest! Now that I know people are actually reading this, we'll be updating more often. Still, the other site is taking precedence, but I'll do my best!